Sakurai is one of the leading manufacturer’s of automatic screen printing presses which offers Cylinder(Stop & Swing),Flatbed and Roll- to –Roll machines with hairline precision and high speed production printing which gives perfect results with high volumes to cater the needs of Indian Market

SC-AII Series


Fully Automatic Swing Cylinder Screen Printing Machine

SC-AII models, SC-72AII, SC-102AII, SC-112AII and SC-142AII are capable of printing on various soft and semi-rigid substrates such as paper, plastic sheet, film and metallic sheet, ranging in thickness from 0.1 to 0.8mm. It is also possible to print on thicker or thinner substrates depending on the flexibility of the material.

Hairline registration is guaranteed at print speeds of 1,500-2,500 (SC-142AII 1,000~2,000) sheets per hour, which is three of four times the production rate of conventional flat bed presses. SC-AII presses can be used for POS, posters, stickers, self adhesives, decals, membrances and other applications.

A new design ball bearing pull lay, linear guide screen frame drive rails, non-static wooden feed board and inverter digital speed control are all included as standard and give better performance than any other press.


MS Series


Fully Automatic Stop Cylinder Screen Printing Machine

Designed to meet the ever increasing demands in the field of industrial and commercial screen printing, Sakurai is manufacturing 2 sizes of fully automatic stop cylinder screen press covering B2 to B1 sizes.

In the field of commercial screen printing, it is used for advertisements requiring long life and sharpness which is a main characteristic of screen printing and in addition for printing on stock produced offset press. In the field of industrial printing, it is highly suited to printing on many kind of films of electric, electron, motor vehicle and other products capable of printing  in various thickness ranging from 0.05 to 0.8 mm. Hairline registration is guatanteed at print speeds of 400 - 3600 ( MS-80A) and 800 - 4000 (MS-102A) sheets per hour. 

We highly recommend our Maestro series screen print machine with half a century of fully automatic cylinder manufacture experience and technology behind it.



Print Size 770 x 500 mm 1050 x 730
Speed 400 ~ 3600 IPH

mm 800 ~ 4000 IPH

Thickness 0.05 ~ 0.8 mm  0.075 ~ 0.8 mm



MS-80AII Series (Fully automatic high precision stop cylinder screen printing Machine) [ New inclusion]


Reinforce the drive parts to perform max. printing speed up to 4,000 sheets per hour for stream feeding. 3,000 sheets/hour for universal sheet feeding.

Embossing stainless surface sheet feed board is applied for high speed and stable sheet feeding with variety of materials.

Printable length has made 20 mm longer, max. print length is now 520 mm.

Independent driven delivery belts are applied so that more precise delivery belt speed control.

Smart cover which provide safety operation and VOC exhausting device can be fitted.

Designed to meet the ever increasing demands in the field of industrial and commercial screen printing, Sakurai has updated MS-80A Series to new MS-80AII Series covering B2 sizes.

Products capable of printing  in various thickness ranging from 0.05 to 0.8 mm. Hairline registration is guatanteed at print speeds of 400 - 4000 / 400 - 3000 sheets per hour. 



Fully Automatic high precision ink dispensing stop cylinder screen printing machine [New Inclusion]

Our best selling MS-102AII has further evolved into MS102AX Virsion up.

In response to customer’s request, it is reincarnated into a machine with high productivity and reliability.

As motorized squeegee pressure control system is fitted as standard feature, printing conditions can be set and control numerically.

Large size operation display is fitted in the squeegee post part, thus operability can me improved.

Automatic ink dispensing system can be fitted as option.

Smart cover which provide safety operation and VOC exhausting device can be fitted.

Products capable of printing  in various thickness ranging from 0.075 to 0.8 mm. Hairline registration is guatanteed at print speeds of 400 - 4000 / 400 - 3000 sheets per hour.




Fully automatic print sheet inspection stop cylinder screen printing machine [New inclusion]

Sakurai Automatic Printed Sheet Inspection System is just released! By a main body of MS Series, register device and vacuum cylinder, high accuracy sheet feeding is realized.

Automatic sorting device and feedback system og OK/NG are equiped.

Inspected sheets are sorted by rejector convayor.

High speed RGB matching by 2 sets of line cameras.

Inspections results can be checked on monitor display. Inspection settings can be changed from here.

MS-102INS is an inspection device that combines accurate conveying positioning technology as our printing press and elaborate camera technology of Webtech Co.,Ltd, External output of inspection data leading to quaity improvement is possible.

A system that performs printing and inspection in-line , and off-line system that performs inspections only.

Products capable of printing  in various thickness ranging from 0.1 to 0.4 mm. Hairline registration is guatanteed at print speeds of 2000 - 4000 sheets per hour with camera resolution 0.13 X 0.13 mm




Fully automatic high precision direct servo drive stop cylinder screen printing press [Ne inclusion]

Direct servo drive mechanism has applied for major drive part of the press including the printing cylinder drive > No gears backlash is expected

Squeegee / Doctor blade are also controlled by servo motor drive, so setting of Squeegee / Flood coater pleasure and print stroke / clearance gap can be done from touch panel.  Numerical job control can be applied.

Large size touch panel is fitted in the squeegee unit part. Easy access for operation.

CCD camera checks register marks for alignment for higher accurate printing, it can use for precision industrial printing

Special treated feed board surface and feeding support by blow up and down air system. A sheet is fed by blow up and blow down at feeding board preventing scratches.

Cylinder vacume hole size 0.5mm which realizes very thinner film printing with quality

Sakurai original smart cover (With exhaust duct) can be offered as option. Safety operation and improving print room atmosphere

Products capable of printing in various thickness ranging from 0.075 to 0.8 mm. Hairline registration is guatanteed at print speeds of 200 - 2000 sheets per hour. 
Maximum sheet size 1,140 X 788 mm & Minimum sheet size 1,090 X 766 mm.




Model MS-110DDS
Maximum sheet size (mm) 1,140 X 788
Minimum substrate size (mm) 420 X 297
Maximum print size (mm) 1,090 X 766
Maximum frame size (mm) 1,340 X 1,206
Printing speed (sheets/hour) 200 ? 2,000
Printable thickness (mm) 0.075 ? 0.8



MS-SD Series


Fully Automatic High Precision servo drive stop cylinder screen printing machine

Sakurai Maestro SD series are fully automatic high precision rotary, Stop Cylinder Screen Presses.

With the aplication of independent servo drive motors, the movement of the screen frame and the cylinder rotation are driven separately on the MS-SD series. This makes it possible to print with even squeegee pressure at a constant speed. Print elongation can be corrected at various screen frame sizes within the range specified are available to use. 

The print start position can be changed and the squeegee and flood coater speed can be independently set. Thesqueegee pressure is adjusted remotely by motor and also sheet size presetting system is an option, this all provides quick make-ready time and production control with numerical figures.

Products capable of printing  in various thickness ranging from 0.05 to 0.8 mm (MS-80SD) and 0.075 to 0.8 mm (MS-102SD). Hairline registration is guatanteed at print speeds of 100 - 2000 ( MS-80SD) and 200 - 2000 (MS-102SD) sheets per hour. 


DMS (Double maestro Series)


Fully automatic double colour stop cylinder screen printing machine

DMS-102AII was designed and built for customer requirements for two colour printing using cylinder screen presses. It is a two colour line using 2 fully automatic stop cylinders, an Intermediate control Station, 2 UV dryers and a Stacker. As the whole line is integrated using PLC Control, any fault in the operation of the line will stop the printing process and ICD and stacker colect remaining material on the printing line in the appropriate way. The 2 cylinders, ICS and the first dryer are synchronized using servo motors. The second dryer and stacker use PLC control to establish the belt speed using the external inputes from the printing presses.

There are also other labour and power saving functions in order to increase work efficiency of the operator.



MF-80 Series


Fully automatic high precision flat bed screen printing machine

The MF-80 is the automatic/semi-automatic screen printing press with a front pick-up feeder which can be detached from the printing section easily. The press can be fully automatic when the feeder is connected and it also becomes semi-automatic which enables manual feeding for printing the substrates rejecting automatic feeding when the feeder is detached and slid.

MF 80 is capable of all types of substrates such as plastic films of less than 100 micron, plastic cards and board without specifying printing substrates and printing lot.

Products capable of printing in various thickness ranging from 0.1 to 3 mm. Hairline registration is guatanteed at print speeds of 1000 (With CCD camera - 700) sheets per hour. 


MF-80-VII Series


Fully automatic [Fine Line Pattern Printing] Flat Bed Screen Printing Machine

Maestro MF-80-VII is the fully automatic flat bed screen printing press.

As the printing unit and feeder unit are driven independently, it is easy to add other equipment such as a cleaning unit to the unit. More stable sheet position alignment can be achieved by a combination of feeding belt running speed control and vacuum type sheet alignment table.

Easy sliding material is introduced on the feeding part and the air blower system on the tables achieving more smooth substrate delivery.

Numerical indication devices are equipped as standard features at the plate positioning adjustment, the squeegee and flood-coater pressure, the plate clearance off-contact adjustment area. Those are effective managing job by job work standardization and easy operation even by an inexperienced operator.

Stocks for squeegee / flood-coater, printing speed and counter setting can be made from the touch panel on the press.

The CCD cameras read the register mark on the printed substrate and the suction table moves for sheet alignment. (CCD camera is an optional feature).

Products capable of printing in various thickness ranging from 0.1 to 3 mm. Hairline registration is guatanteed at print speeds of 1000 (With CCD Camera - 650) sheets per hour.


MSDR-30 Direct Servo Drive Roll To Roll Cylinder Type Screen Printing Machine


MSDR-30 model is released for the market who requests high precision printing accuracy, pursued thoroughly the operability and high precision unique to small sized machines. 
The best for the high end screen press for printed electronics industries.  
  • To Respond to thin material requirements in recent years 25μmfilm compatible
  • CCD camera web positioning system is applied for higher level of print positioning accuracy
  • Higher productivity thanks to the cylinder type screen printing
  • Almost all setting can be done through the large size touch panel with numerical control
  • Automatic web positioning function for initial setting is applied
  • Space saving vertical type dryer is developed in the same time to make the flexible printing line


 Max. roll width (W)          mm  300
 Min. roll width (W )          mm  150
 Film thickness                 µm  25~188
 Max. print size  ( WxL )   mm  250x250
 Screen frame size (WxL )mm  650x650
 Max. print speed (sec/ shot )  3



MSDR-60 Maestro Direct Servo Drive Roll To Roll Cylinder Screen Press


"Direct Servo Drive," there is no blacklash or play in gears, belt or any other driving parts

As the up and down movements of screen frame are controlled by the servo motor, accurate digital clearance adjustments are possible.

The screen frame is driven by the linear servo motor.

Squeezee pressure and flood bar drop-down are also controlled by a servo motor, and they are operated on the touch panel.


MASDR60 is capable of less 50 um thickness of substrate, which was not possible in the past

Well-functioned roller such as "Dancer Roller" or web guider are located in certain place in order to ensure the substrate to go into the press in proper way.

Sheet edge and tension bar are controlled by the latest sensor technology.


Accomplishment of high tact time because of the cylinder type of screen press.

MSDR60 feeds substrates while printing, so printing speed is twice faster than flat bed type of screen presses.

High sophisticated numerical controls allow the press to run automatically and to shorten the tact time, resulting in higher productivity.



CCD Camera aligns substrates accurately

CCD Camera reads the register mark which is pre-printed on the substrate and feeding length of the roll is adjusted automatically, or the master frame moves to side ways for correct alignment. The CCD Camera is moved by the touch pane.


Production management by numbers, not by operator's feeling

The press operation is user friendly and controlled on the touch panel.

  • Speed setting 
  • Squeezee and flood bar speed setting 
  • Frame side, printing position setting 
  • Squeezee stroke setting
  • Flood bar stroke setting 
  • Counter
  • Sqeezee pressure setting 
  • Substrate roll feeding speed setting 
  • Pattern space seting 

The printing cylinder is machined with less than 0.01mm accuracy (this is the utmost high level of accuracy equivalent to flat bed table surface accuracy).

Repeating postioning accuracy of the linear servo for master frame movement is +/- 0.001mm. Which duplicate original screen image on to the substrate.

Since repeating positioning accuracy of the actuator for sqeezee and flood bar up & down movement is +/-0.005mm, it is perfectly suitable for the printing jobs required for the sensitive pressure.


UV Dryer MS-80/102UV-N


Sakurai continues to offer high tech UV dryers which are manufactured by technical collaboration with Natgraph Ltd, UK. The dryers are efficient, durable and environmentally friendly and easy to operate. Original low temperature UV curing technologies privent printed sheet deformation, and its effect to ensure the good register multicolor printing. The various range and specifications of UV dryers are designed to meet the customers’ requirements and specific substrate sizes.


Max. Sheet width 1050 mm 800 mm
Max. effective cure width 1170 IPH 900 IPH
Conveyor speed 3 - 50m/minute 3 - 50m/minute



Conveyor Dryer SDK-85/110


In industrial field printing, the substrate needs high temperature for complete drying. Sakurai can supply this type of dryer. As the dryer consists of an IR panel heater mudule unit, any number of units can be added to address any substrate drying requirements. The dryer to meet the customers, requirements ( size and temperature etc. ) can be custom designed and manufactured to meet any customer requirement.


MODEL SDK - 85 SDK - 110
Max. stock size (mm) 720 X 520 (28 3/8 X 20 1/2") 1,020 X 720 (40 1/4 X 28 3/8")
Min. stock size (mm) 350 X 270 (13 7/8 X 10 5/8") 560 X 370 (22 1/8 X 14 5/8")
Capability (IPH) 3,000 3,000


Combination Dryer NT-90/110


An assorted type of inks is used for screen printing industries. The most popular inks to be used in the fields are ultra violet inks and solvent types of inks. The UV dryer is used to cure UV inks and the wicket dryer or hot air is used for solvent types of inks. The combination dryer is an integrated dryer of the UV and hot air dryers. Many sizes of the combination dryers are available in addition to 80 and 102 sizes of Sakurai’s screen presses. A high temperature type ( over 2000Celsius ) of HOT AIR ( and IR ) dryer can be also added to the combination dryer.


Max. stock size (mm) 720 X 520(28 3/8 X 20 1/2") 1,020 X 720 (40 1/4 X 28 3/8")
Min. stock size (mm) 350 X 270(13 7/8 X 15/8") 560 X 370 (22 1/8 X 14 5/8")
Capability (IPH) 3,000 3,000


Wicket Dryer LH - 80/102


The advantage of wicket leaf dryer is to dry printing substrates for a longer period of time, so this dryer effects to use thermal sensitive materials which are easily deformed by high temperature air or IR waves. Each Sheet/substrate is retrieved by an individual wicket leaf and dried slowly.

Stacker NST - 80/102


Sakurai automatic stacker can collect a various kinds, sizes and thickness of substrates stably, efficiently and smoothly thanks to two wide conveyor belts. It conveys and stacks sensitive or slippery films as well. The side joggers align the substrates straight, and the pile board is automatically lowered. The 80 and 102 sizes are available.

Versatile substrate from thin to thick and soft to rigid not only paper subject but also film materias are applied increasingly on recent screen printing industry. Such variety of printed object must be staked precisely without any damage on surface of printed sheet.

Based on over 40 year production experience and know how of screen printing press and related product, Sakurai has developed a new type automatic pile stacker, NST series., which is designed for accessible against those modern screen printing damand.

Especially, the particular character of screen printing has been highlighted and utillized in the industrial field which is essential to print on variety of plastic, and metal foiled materials. To stack neatly even on any kind of printed sheet at high speed is the most imporrtant factor and NST series has capability to achieve this propostion.


Stacker PST - 80/104


This automatic stacker is suitable for ordinary paper, cardboard, pacakge or commercial printing substrates. Thick and robust iron cast side frame ensures stable substrate stacking. The performance is high, but the price is resonable. Two sizes of stackers, 80 and 102, are available.

This Stacker is set after the dryer of Screen printing and it keep stacking the products.

The operation is simple and it stacks wide rage of substrates without damaging printed surface in speedily and accurately.

  • Rigid construction of cast iron frame.
  • Maximum speed of 3,600 sheets per hour.
  • Stable conveyance by two kinds, total of 4 belts.



Stacker SST - 80II/102II


This is an automatic stacker for wicket dryer. Individual drive system of the upper and lower belts allow smooth and stable movement of the delivered substrates. Continuous delivery of the sheets/substrates allows sheet removal without stopping production.

Major Features

  1. Automatic Stacker for wicket dryer
  2. Non-stop delivery system with delivery forks
  3. Crossover stand combined
  4. Easy sheet access

 The conventional stacking system is hard to take substrates out of pile board, but Sakurai's  "SST Side Stacker" makes it easier to remove the piled substrates by sliding out the pile board from the operation or drive side without stopping the complete line.The perfect substrate stacking is ensured by sheet joggers.



Stacker SKE – 80


This stacker is suitable for extremely sensitive substrates from scratches. Even though the substrates are not ompletely dried in the dryer, the stacker collects and piles each substrate gently by utilizing forks.