Kunal Enterprise is a leading solution provider in Printing/Packaging Industry, specifically in Screen Printing genre in India since 2001.We serve customers all over India with best in class products and technology all across the globe. Our DNA is Screen Printing ,We are renowned for providing  world’s best  Automatic (Cylinder/Flatbed/Roll-to-Roll) & Semi-Automatic Screen Printing machines ,Industrial Dryers ,Pre-Press Equipments , Screen Printing Inks and Accessories for segments such as Automotive, Textile & Ceramic Transfers, Membrane Switch & White good labels, Value Addition Packaging & Point of Purchase(POP) Jobs, Plastic Cards & Security Printing ,Flexible Electronics, Solar & Fuel cells ,Bio-Medical. We as a company are privileged to have experienced bunch of professionals for After- Sales Service and managers for Business Development & Marketing .Our Mission at Kunal Enterprise is to purvey state of the art technology to  Indian Printing Industry
.Kunal Enterprise has a range of prestigious and India's leading companies as their clients from various segments of printing industry such as commercial printers, packaging printers, publishing houses, greeting & wedding card manufactures, and also a range of industrial application printers such as automotive industry, mobile industry, Electronic touch panels printing by conductive inks, electronic appliances applications, aviation industry, credit card - debit card manufacturers, textile industry, ceramic industry, medical applications, match box industry and many more….               
Kunal Enterprise has Team Of People who keep on looking towards new areas and spend time in research & development in printing especially in industrial application printing.



We are extremely grateful to you for giving us an opportunity to introduce our self as one of a leading enterprise in India that deals in almost everything in Graphic & Print Industry. We are India's sole dealer & distributors for following products.

Sakurai Graphic Systems Corporation -Japan:- We are extremely happy & feel very proud to be associated as a sole dealer in India of Sakurai (an ISO9001 & ISO14001 certified company) for their Fully Automatic Cylinder Screen Printing Machine. One Sakurai machine can do several amazing & different kind of wonderful value addition applications. With exceptionally high quality machines, Sakurai is the world's best machine in it's segment…!! Natgraph Equipment Solutions - UK:- Which is known for their various models of UV, IR, Hot & Cold Air force dryers, sheet Stackers & collection trays which will go along with Sakurai Screen printing Machines.

Kang Yuan industrial Co., Ltd (Key Well) - Taiwan:- For their various models of Semiautomatic screen printing Machines and UV, IR, Hot air dryers & various screen printing related Pre-press Equipments.

JM Coating + Inks - Hong Kong:- for their UV Varnish & Speciality Inks such as metallic ink for credit card printing, chameleon ink, dual tone ink & ink for hologram effect and many more value added applications by UV base as well as Solvent base printing applications. It also manufactures inks as well as screen adhesives for all kind of substrates such as Paper, Plastic, Nylon, Glass & Garment Textile. Now we can jointly develop special ink as per your requirement.

Demak s.r.l. - Itali:- for their Dome Sticker making Machines & KROMEX technology. You can do all kind of doming such as XY doming, Photocromic Doming, Double Doming, Selective Doming, Colour Doming, Thermo-Chromic Doming, Classic Doming, Textile Doming, Flat Doming, Dimensional Doming, Micro Doming, Thin Film Doming, UV Doming, Fragrance Doming & Phosphorescent Doming. This Equipment allows you to work 24 x 7 hours without any stop for tank loading or degassing process. No bubbles, non-stop working, no big space, no more rejections. Anatol Equipment Manufacturing Company - USA:- Sole Dealer & distributor for their wide range of manual and Fully AutomaticTextile Screen Printing presses equipped with the latest in technology and innovation. They are also equipped with various dryers & screen printing related Pre-press Equipment.

Weihai Hamada - China :- for their small offset (14" x 18" & 14" x 20") machine. Now 19" x 26" size available also. Manufactured in China, all technical know how from Hamada - Japan.

Grapac Japan Co., Inc.- Japan:- Honeycomb Array Lens Sheet (HALS) is a micro-array lens sheet, which is manufactured by patented manufacturing process of Grapac Japan. By printing special patterns on the underside of HALS lens sheet, 3D effect can be obtained. 3D lenticular software & lenticular material & complete 3D solutions.

Shikoku Kakoki Co. Ltd – Japan :- For their filling machines for variety of liquid products and pouch style packaging, sealing machines and aseptic packaging machine manufacturing company from Japan.
EPPAK – Japan :- For their comprehensive solutions for domestic and global market by offering a paper container with a paper laminated barrier films for various kinds and enables long-term storage for the contents and other packaging material and packaging system machines.
Grapac Japan Co., Inc.– Japan:- (Honeycomb Array Lens Sheet) is a micro-array lens sheet, which is manufactured by patented manufacturing process of Grapac Japan. By printing special patterns on the underside of HALS lens sheet, 3D effect can be obtained. Different kind of speciality material available through M/S Bunshodo Company Limited – Japan.
3D lenticular software & lenticular material & complete 3D solutions.
We supply consumables such as:-
Micro-Squeezee, Aluminium Screen frame & Clean Room Solutions Sticky Matt, Non woven wipe, Head Cap, Antistatic Gown, Disposable Shoe Cover and many more..!!Looking for a long, healthy and fruitful business relationship with your esteemed company. Please feel free to contact us in case of any query if any. Thanking you and assuring you of our best services at all the times.


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